BOLT Viscosity Booster

BOLT Viscosity Booster
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BOLT is a shot of espresso for the ALPINE Polymer Slurry, it gives it a strong viscosity boost. BOLT is a highly concentrated liquid polymer specially designed to easily and quickly mix with the slurry system to boost viscosity and provide hole stability.
BOLT Viscosity Booster
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BOLT Viscosity Booster

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  • BOLT Viscosity Booster

    Instant viscosity boost, lubricity and friction reduction, clay and shale stabilization, and assists in excavation stabilization.

    5 gallon buckets, 55 gallon drums, and 275 gallon totes

    The addition of BOLT to the ALPINE Polymer Slurry will give the slurry and instant viscosity boost, help stabilize the formation, and prevent shale and clay from swelling.

    Clay, shale, sand, gravel, and rock.

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    BOLT Viscosity Booster


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    BOLT Viscosity Booster


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    BOLT Viscosity Booster


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    BOLT Viscosity Booster
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