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AMICUS Chemical Solutions has a secure rail yard served by the Denver Rock Island Railroad with the ability to transload almost any railcar and commodity. We are able to service cars inbound and/or outbound using the Burlington Northern Santa Fe and the Union Pacific Railroad. Our Transload and Logistic Services can take your product from the car, place it on a truck, and deliver it to its destination.

Rails & Trucking
Rails & Trucking

Save on transportation
costs with rail freight
transport solutions.

In many cases, it’s most cost-effective to send and receive materials via rail versus truck. We are happy to help you create a plan that best suits your products and then execute that plan safely and efficiently.

Value props

Types of cars and commodities we handle.

Rails & Trucking


Lumber, paper products, and construction materials.

Rails & Trucking


Building, agricultural, and construction materials, canned goods, vehicle parts, forest products and metal products.

Rails & Trucking

Liquid Tanker & Dry Bulk HopperĀ 

Crude and renewable fuels. Construction and agricultural materials.


Rails & Trucking

Private Equipment

You own it; we’ll load and offload it.

Rails & Trucking


Agricultural and building materials.

Rails & Trucking


Equipment, machinery, pipe, and steel products.


Rails & trucking frequently asked questions

The world is just a rail away and we are here to help your products get there. There is a lot to consider and discuss before sending a car to our location or shipping out of our location. Our dedicated professionals can help you create a successful plan that gets your products to their destination.

Yes, we have outside and inside storage available for both short term and long term use.

Yes, we can offload your material from rail cars and trucks, and then load it into a container for export.

Yes, we have multiple options of cross docking products. Offloading cars and bringing the material inside and loading it onto vans or reefers is one example of our current service. Offloading inbound flatbed trucks, holding the material for a couple of days, and loading outbound flatbed or van trucks is another option. For additional viable solutions for your products, please contact us.


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