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Solutions designed for your operations.

Our products are perfected based on the needs of our clients. Over the years, we listened to people and heard the struggles their team members face on site. We use those insights to make continuous improvements to the solutions we produce. Our goal is to create the best products that make projects easier for your team.

Colorado Local HDD

AMICUS Chemical Solutions is proud to be a Colorado company that helps other companies in…

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Construction Drilled Shaft

After years of research and development, AMICUS Chemical Solutions is proud to introduce ALPINE Polymer…

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Construction Slurry Wall

AMICUS Chemical Solutions provides a variety of materials to support in the completion of slurry…

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Years of preparation and precise engineering goes into the construction of a single tunnel. AMICUS…

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When it comes to construction drilling, the use of proper materials is crucial for success.…

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Lost Circulation

Loss of circulation is the uncontrolled flow of drilling fluids or slurry into the formation.…

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Decades of research along with attention to detail while working closely with our vendors and…

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Different formations require different solutions. AMICUS has a full line of specialty products designed to…

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When a drilling fluid or slurry becomes too thick or a ground condition has rendered…

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Water Treatment

AMICUS Chemical Solutions offers a wide range of chemicals for the treatment of water. These…

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