SONICFLOC Flocculant

SONICFLOC Flocculant
Construction Materials
SONICFLOC is a specially blended, dry granular material designed for the completion of drilled shafts. SONICFLOC is designed to lower the pH, remove high levels of suspended solids, and break polymer emulsions.
SONICFLOC Flocculant
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SONICFLOC Flocculant

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  • SONICFLOC Flocculant

    Safe and easy to use, instantly settles suspended solid, and lowers pH and viscosity of the ALPINE Polymer Slurry.

    5 gallon buckets.

    SONICFLOC can be added to the tank or directly to the excavation prior to clean-out. SONICFLOC lowers the pH back to neutral, reduces the viscosity back to 32 seconds per quart, and eliminates sediment buildup on the rebar cage.

    Sand, gravel, shale, and clay.

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    SONICFLOC Flocculant


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    SONICFLOC Flocculant


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    SONICFLOC Flocculant


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    SONICFLOC Flocculant
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