Case Study: Supply Chain Optimization – How AMICUS Improved Project Timelines

Case Study: Supply Chain Optimization – How AMICUS Improved Project Timelines


AMICUS, a leading provider of specialized chemicals and materials for construction and drilling projects, has distinguished itself in the market through its commitment to efficient supply chain management, technical expertise, and customized solutions. Facing challenges common to the industry, AMICUS has successfully addressed client needs, particularly in logistics, material supply, technical support, and environmental compliance.

Client Profile:

Among AMICUS’s key clients are prominent construction and drilling firms, including Keller, Nicholson Construction, Kiewit Foundations, Malcolm Drilling, and Dragados. These clients engage in diverse projects ranging from tunneling and deep foundation construction to environmental remediation and infrastructure development. Procurement managers, project managers, engineers, site managers, and sustainability officers are involved in the decision-making process, emphasizing the collaborative nature of project execution.

Challenges Faced by Clients:

Clients often encounter challenges such as logistical complexities, the need for specialized materials, technical guidance requirements, and environmental compliance issues. AMICUS identified these pain points and developed tailored solutions to address them effectively.

Solutions Provided by AMICUS:

  • Logistical Expertise: AMICUS offers streamlined logistics services, including rapid deployment warehousing and customized transportation solutions, ensuring timely delivery of materials even across long distances.
  • Specialized Materials: With a wide range of high-quality products like Bentonite, polymers, and solidification agents, AMICUS meets clients’ specific material requirements, enhancing project efficiency and performance.
  • Technical Support: AMICUS provides comprehensive technical guidance, educational resources, and project-specific consultations, empowering clients to optimize material usage and overcome technical challenges.
  • Environmental Compliance: Emphasizing sustainability, AMICUS assists clients in adhering to environmental regulations and achieving sustainability goals through environmentally compliant products and advisory services.
  • Customized Solutions: Understanding the unique needs of each project, AMICUS develops tailored solutions, from material formulations to project management tools, ensuring optimal outcomes for clients.

Projects Supported by AMICUS:

AMICUS collaborates with clients on a variety of projects, including tunneling, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), deep foundation construction, environmental remediation, water treatment facilities, mining, civil engineering, renewable energy, and large-scale residential and commercial developments.

Questions Answered by AMICUS:

Clients seek answers to various queries, ranging from technical specifications of materials like Bentonite and polymers to logistical solutions for fluid loss, solids buildup, and waste reduction. AMICUS provides insights into product usage, environmental compliance, and on-time delivery, addressing clients’ concerns comprehensively.


Through its commitment to supply chain optimization, technical expertise, and customized solutions, AMICUS has significantly improved project timelines and outcomes for its clients. By understanding and addressing client challenges effectively, AMICUS has established itself as a trusted partner in the construction and drilling industry, driving innovation and sustainable growth.

This case study highlights AMICUS’s ability to deliver value across diverse projects, emphasizing its role as a strategic partner in meeting the evolving needs of the construction and drilling sectors.

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